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My name is Debbie Stip and I’d like to welcome you to my blog!
I am a 'almost-32-year-old' living in a small town close to Amersfoort, The Netherlands with my amazing boyfriend (of 9 1/2 years and hopefully many more to come).

So, would you still like to know a little bit more?
Well, I’m a small town kinda girl, having been raised mostly further south, in a province called 'Brabant'… I could never live in a busy city.

I love making stuff, mostly with paper, but I also like to throw in a good mix of media like paint and watercolor mediums. On my ‘want-to-learn’ list are things like screen-printing, pottery, working with wood and making my own fabric products. Oh and learn to crochet, a definite to-learn for 2015!

I'm a big fan of color and well...a bit of perfectionist...it's all in the details right?

My day job is being a mail woman, doing deliveries by bike and on foot. I work indoors most of my time creating, but I love being outside as well... so my day job is the perfect escape. I also love going outside for a short walk to the shops or long walks here or while I am on vacation. Favorite country? Italy, I think is my second love!

When I'm not busy running around I find myself cuddled up with a book or a magazine, accompanied by big cups of tea... I enjoy being drawn into the magical world of words and living another one’s life for just a short moment. I also find inner peace by going for a run or joining a 'Body Balance-class' at the gym.

These upcoming years I will even find out if I have a green thumb, as we bought a house in 2014 with a garden and I can even grow my own vegetables and herbs here!

But importantly...before anything else though...come my friends and family! They are a big part of my life and I will drop everything if needed to be there for them. 

The name of my blog? Well...my last name is 'Stip', which translates to 'dot' in English and as I'm not that tall…just a 'little dot'. I also would love to share my creativity with you, but probably just a splash, considering that there’s all that creativity out there...so 'just a dot' ;-)...and there you have it...Little Dot Of Creativity

I have been creative as long as I can remember but it took a long period of being ill and the need for a 'change of life' to get back into it. So, this blog is my place on the web to share my creative life and well maybe even a little peek into my personal life sometimes as well. 

I wish to share my work because I want the world to hear my creative voice, get to know it and join me on this creative journey I hope to make. 

I love getting to 'meet' new people and what better way to do this and with those who share the same interest in art? 

I would also like to show you that anyone and everyone CAN be creative and shall offer tutorials and start-to-finish videos of my projects with which I can hopefully inspire you to let go and BE creative! We may all be different in how or what we create, but it IS even a part of you, you may just need to wake it up a little bit ;-)

Contact Me
If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a message at littledotofcreativity@gmail.com

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last update: jan 2015
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